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POSITION - Mobile Dog Bather

We’re looking for a hardworking, enthusiastic individual with a passion and affinity for working with dogs. You’ll have the opportunity to build personal relationships with our clientele as you bring the dog spa right to their front door. Some responsibilities include driving a large van (G license required with clean driving record), bathing, drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and basic sanitary trim of dogs. Workspace cleaning and tools maintenance is also required.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn select professional grooming styles and techniques required for individual breeds and is a good stepping-stone if you wish to become a groomer.


Some other attributes were looking for are:

  • Customer service orientated

  • Good at managing time

  • Loving, caring and patient

  • Experience with dogs at home or in a professional atmosphere

  • Punctual

  • Energetic

  • Independent and confident


The position pays $20/ hr with great tips! There is opportunity to grow and take on more responsibilities with proper compensation.

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